THE LIST: Sustainable Fashion

A non-exhaustive list of some of my favorite sustainable fashion brands + shops. Comment below with your recommendations! 

Ariana Bohling //

Artemis Design Co. //

Bon George // My latest obsession. Using vintage textiles, Bon George designs and produces all of their beautiful, classical clothing in Los Angeles.

Boerum Apparel //

BRYR // handmade clogs from San Fransisco–now I’m just waiting for a true boot I can wear in winter!

Clare Vivier // “French glamor & minimalist cool” handbags, fanny packs, passport covers and the whole lot. The shop sources all their products responsibly and tries to make as much as they can out of their Los Angeles factory. Clare V. also hails from Minnesota. #superfan

Coclico // You will never be satisfied with any other pair of shoes.

Cuyana // Specializing in “fewer, better”, Cuyana travels the globe to bring new designs to U.S. consumers while promoting a conscious purchasing and fair labor and sourcing practices. Their blog is pretty top notch too.

Della // Handcrafted in Ghana, Della is revolutionizing the fashion game by partnering with big players (Apple, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie) to bring beautiful, ethically made designs to the mainstream.

Elizabeth Suzann // Handmade in Nashville, Tennessee, the minimalist clothing designer uses only natural fabric and hand-dyed/printed processes to contruct clothing. Following the trend of slow fashion, her silhouettes are timeless and simply beautiful.

Eloise Grey // organic tweed coats. Need I say more? Except: save your pennies for this lifetime investment

Everlane // If y’all don’t know about Everlane, I don’t know about you.

First Rite // Designer Nikki Garcia keeps it simple with her San Francisco-based line. Using only natural fibers and crafting each item by hand. Each of First Rite’s collections border on country chic, inviting even the most boyish of ladies to find their classically feminine side. (There’s something for the men too.)

Glass House shirtmakers // Focusing on the entire process of creating a garment, Glass House starts with the very farmers who grow the essential crops to make the fabric of their shirts, taking responsibility for and ensuring sustainable production from beginning to end.

Hannah Pare Designs // THIS GIRL RULES. She just graduated from Ai in Minneapolis, but she designs and creates something amazing. Definitely one to watch out for.

Hare + Hart // Originally produced in Argentina, but forced to move elsewhere due to economic and political circumstances, Hare + Hart bags are the bees knees of leather accessories (and well-priced to boot).

Indego Africa // Social entrepreneurship empowering Rwandan women to rise out of poverty. Adorable kids clothes, beautiful jewelry and unique homewares. That oversized blazer though? Yeah, that’s mine.

Kordal Knitwear //

Matt & Nat // A vegan handbag and accessory company based in Montreal, Canada since 1995! All bags are made from vegan leather with linings made from recycled plastic bottles. The best part? The prices are NOT outrageous enough to dissuade frugal customers. And the designs are outta this world.

Matter // Committed to designs for the traveler in mind, Matter doesn’t mess around with unknowns in their business. Finding inspiration from Southeast Asia and India, Matter puts the makers and buyers at the top, encouraging total transparency and eliminating all frills.

Mercado Global // Empowering “indigenous women to overcome poverty and become agents of change in their communities.” Enough said. Except that I want every single one of their bags.

Nisolo //

Osei-Duro // The best place for your not-so-basic basics. Osei-Duro has everything: dresses, shorts, jackets, bags, jewelry–you name it, they’ve got something unique and beautiful to fill your sustainable style goals. Designed in L.A., created in Ghana.

Quality Peoples // With an emphasis on slowing down and getting lost, QP keeps it simple, using traditional surf culture, Mexican folklore and contemporary art to inspire basic tees for the modern-minded beach bum

RAREFORM // Turning old billboards into unique products (with outdoor enthusiasts in mind) like weekenders, backpacks, laptop sleeves, etc. One percent of profits goes toward the environment.

Reformation // The most fabulous of fabulous. The Reformation is the exact OPPOSITE of what you used to perceive as “natural, eco-friendly clothing”. Their designs have so much wild sass with fitted crop tops and swirling skirts. This is the future, people.

Rose & Fitzgerald // “Curated goods from far away places.” The husband and wife team behind R & F left California for Uganda and never looked back. Now they design beautiful jewelry and home goods with local artisans.

Sabah //

Slow Factory // Silk scarves printed with high-res NASA images (for real!) to make you look good AND do good.

Study NY //

Winsome Goods // Designed and sewn in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Winsome uses sustainably sourced materials–organic, recycled or repurposed–to create beautifully simple garments for men and women.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks // Yes, it’s a hammock and yes, you need one and yes, they change lives. “Do Good. Relax.”

YEVU Clothing // Yevu, meaning “white woman” in local Ghanaian Ewe language, is anything but white. Created in Ghana and inspired by the people who live there, YEVU emphasizes the power of positive consumption worldwide. And the prints are absolutely out of this world.

Zady // 


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